Business Law

Clients often are unaware that they don’t have to agree to all provisions of a contract simply because it is “in the fine print” or said to be a “standard” clause. “Standard” or not, everything is negotiable. Ms. Cunningham strives to ensure that her clients sign contracts that protect their best interests. Having spent years intensely litigating cases where business agreements fall apart, Ms. Cunningham is keenly aware of what a client should—and should not—include in a business agreement. Ms. Cunningham’s business practice focuses on drafting and negotiating contracts and leases for, and providing general legal advice to, various business types such as real property owners, managers and developers, non-profits, general and specialty contractors, recording studios, music publishers, and graphic designers. She guides clients through various transactions, including construction, real estate and employment matters. She also can assist clients with entity formation and mergers and acquisitions.